Hey ! I’m Y.Can Yurdaer

I'm a User Interface Designer based in Shanghai.

As a UI Designer , I understand the perfect user interface should look good and work even better.

About My Work

I create clean and modern looking websites and apps to a variety of online and digital clients, when I'm not working with clients I'm usually creating my own things.

User Interface Design

Clean and flat UI design makes your website, app or software look modern and desirable. I ensure your branding and user experience is tucked up in a neat little UI package.

Web Design

Each of my designs begins with a blank canvas which allows your content to guide the layout. Responsive development will help make your website easily accessible across all devices.


I create beautiful brands that are both modern and functional, I design stylish colour palettes, use stunning fonts and ensure your brand looks its best.

Project Name

Vina Del Mar / Spain

Tools I used

Pen and Pencil, Balsamiq Mockup,
Illustrator, Photoshop, and Brackets.


Redesign a responsive website for Vina Del Mar.


Source appropriate HTML, apply UX/UI process,
and collaborate with Front-End Developer

What my clients say

Do you need a Webiste or Branding work ?

If your business needs assistance with a UI/UX design, contact directly to me today.